Dog Sports Club Kaiserslautern e. V.

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Info about the club

Thank you for visiting our website. Here you will find all the information about our club.

Please also pay attention to the notices in the showcase and in the clubhouse.

Dog sitting attentively in front of white background. Association home page

Who we are

We love dogs and training together

Auch wenn Du den Verein und die Möglichkeiten direkt kennenlernen möchtest, bitten wir interessierte Hundebesitzer sich vorab immer anzumelden. Bitte nicht unvorangemeldet auf dem Trainingsgelände oder zu den Trainingsstunden erscheinen!

You must bring proof of insurance and vaccination record with you on your first visit to the exercise class.

What courses do we offer?

When do our courses take place? What do I have to bring? Who is allowed to participate? Here you will find all the important information for you and your dog.

Picture of a Jack Russell Terrier with a black leash in its mouth. On several pages of club.

You can also find us here

Become a team with your dog!

Man and animal, the perfect team. Our courses are structured according to this motto. We support you and your four-legged friend.

Man (club) sits with his dog in the forest and strokes it
Big and small illustrated dog sitting side by side in front of a heart; association home page

Puppy school

Great dangers exist and learn socialization.

Illustrated dog sitting, view of dog from side; association home page

Young dogs

Playing and training together for everyday situations.

Illustrated dog jumps over hurdle; association home page

Companion dogs

Preparation for the companion dog test.

Two illustrated tools for dog coat care; association home page

Other courses

What other courses do we offer?

Möchtest Du an einem Kurs oder einem Seminar teilnehmen?

Alle kommenden Seminare und die dazugehörigen Infos findest Du in unserem Event-Kalender. Hier sind auch die Termine aller wöchentlichen Kurse zu finden.